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Bausch & Lomb Purevision 2 Disposable Contact Lenses

₹2,000.00 ₹2,450.00

These are high definition lenses which reduce halos and glares. They give us crisp clear vision which we all expect from our lenses. These lenses give us wearable comfort all day. And being a silicon hydragel lens they also give us more oxygen which is needed to breathe for the eyes. They are thin lenses yet easy to handle. These are monthly dispos..


Bausch & Lomb PureVision 2 Toric Disposable Contact Lenses

₹2,700.00 ₹2,950.00

These are also high definition lenses which are available in Toric powers (powers with high cylinders beyond 0.50). They give the consumers crisp clear vision all day. These lenses also reduce blur and haziness which can be caused with the random movement of the lens. It provides outstanding comfort in the eyes. Like PV2 above they also reduce halo..

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