Testimonials - Our Satisfied Customers

Jayant Mulerkar, Mumbai

Just started using this site for my contact lens requirements. Good job and timely service is what I got in return. The packaging was also worth mentioning.

Vandana Soni, Nagpur

On time performance correctly delivered. I ordered on 4th and received on the 6th. Cannot be better than this. Could not believe it is so fast.

Ajeet Bhatnagar, Gurgaon

Did order them a a -9.0 power. Thought this would take some time to get my delivery but got them in less than 5 days. Infact was regularly updated of the delivery every few hours each day. And finally got it on the 3rd day itself.

Shelly Lal, Kanpur

Couldn’t order properly as I was new to this site. Called their helpline. The customer service person Mr. Ajeet was more than courteous and helpful. He helped me figure out what is best for me. They were more than happy to help. Got it all sorted and found my lenses reaching me on time.

Mr. Vishwanath Aiyer, Chennai

The price is good and so is their service. One of my best online experience. The delivery was faster than my next door optician. And the entire experience was worth narrating again to friends where I highly recommended this site.

Mr. Venu Gopal, Cochin

Timely delivery. Good to know this site who believes in correct and on time delivery. I ordered my lenses on Friday and I was delivered the same by Monday even though there was Sunday in between.

Mrs. Sarita Pandya, Noida

I was not sure if my lenses would be available on time as they usually take at least 10 days with my usual opticians. Here because I know they would take time, I thought I would try this online site. Got a call from their helpline that this would take around a week. But it arrived before that itself. I was more than happy.

Ms. Sanya, Delhi

No problem. Got my lenses on time. The helpline experience was worth recommending. Amazing is the word for you guys.

Ms. Geetika, Gurgaon

Very professional service. Follow up was also impressive. I am glad that between so many sites selling contact lenses, there is somebody who understands the needs of the client. But mailmylens has done the job and very well.

Mrs. Arundhati Roy, Kolkata

Torics came on time. Am Glad. Great new place. Thank you mailmylens.com You rock.

Mr. Anand, Odisha

My torics were taking too long to deliver at local optician. I did not trust the websites selling contact lenses and a new site like this was definitely out. But somehow I happen to try them and thank God I did. Thanks to mailmylens.com, I got my lenses much before anticipated.

Mrinal Pandya, Pune

My dailies were required urgently. So I requested for an even faster delivery. And here they were, on time. It has been a delightful and never before experience. Mailmylens has been exceptional.

Shikha Gupta, Jodhpur

Daily disposables are my essential need. And I had to travel in 48 hours. Mailmylens.com delivered my lenses before my travel. They have been a blessing in disguise. And I am glad I discovered them through a friend.

Sucheta, Gurgaon

I have been wanting to wear toric lenses. But I knew I will only wear them on occasions. So I needed someone to understand my need and deliver me the right product. Fortunately I called their helpline and everything fell in place. The customer care girl was nice to explain me lenses I would need. She recommended the daily torics. And additionally, my lenses were delivered on time.

Vir Das, Kanpur

The customer care is very useful. I was not sure what power would go with my prescription as I knew that the lenses would have a little less power than my glasses. The girl at customer care did help me with the right contact lens power so that I could order correctly.

Ruchi Mathur, Luknow

Online shopping is Amazing. I am really happy I ordered from mailmylens. The lenses were delivered within 2 days. I am glad I had such a fantastic service from them. Thank you mailmylens.com

Rajan Bhandari, Banglore

I was always wary of buying from an online site. Infact I never bought from online sites. But my friends, realizing I regularly need replacement contacts, suggested I try this out. I was pleasantly surprised. Prompt delivery. Got my lenses in 48 hours. Could not have asked for more.