Celebration Colour Weekly Disposable Contact Lenses

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There are times when one wants to use different colours on different occasions. Here you have a combination of 5 different colours to be worn on different occasions. Additionally each pair can be worn upto one week each with cost of each pair a tad low of Rs. 63. Cannot be a better option to buy cheap cosmetic lenses with or without power/prescription. The user can now highlight the eyes as you like it. There is a variety of colours such as blue hazel brown grey and green. Buying online cosmetic contact lenses could not have been easier than this. With power availability upto -8.0 its a great opportunity to buy coloured lenses”

Brand Name                    Celebration Contact Lenses

Weight                                   0.5000

Gender                                 Unisex

Water Content                 58%

Lens Material                  Polyhema

Diameter                          14

Base Curve                         8.6

Usage Duration                  Weekly Disposable Lenses


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